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Shout out !

HEY !  You can Shout out  your axe pics with the community!

How to share your pics on the page:

1 Follow us on Instagram

Follow: @TheInternationalAxeFellowship

2 Tag us

Tag @TheInternationalAxeFellowship on your profile

3 Email your axe pics

Click contact button on Instagram profile page or just click E-MAIL here

Best practices

1 Share pretty pictures

Do you like it? really like your pic? then share!
Don't share shitty photos,  do it for us... we don't like to discard pics

2 Use clear backgrounds

Avoid messi and confusional work place backgrounds
use a clear background
or blur the background with your phone photo tool f2.8 or similar

3 Photo means "light"

Turn on the light or take the pics outside
avoid dark pictures, we want to see your work!

4 x 4

Not cars, but format
Best Instagram format is 1080x1080 pixels,
think a square photo then before shot!

5 Axe is king, and you are king or queen!

Not dogs, not pets, not knives, not hammers, not spoons... but axe!
If you want to hold your Axe its ok too, even if you're ugly!

6 Details

There are interesting details on your axe?
Then make another picture
you can send more than one picture of the same axe
We love details like, cross wedges, stamps, curves, wood grain, etc.

7 The 1, 2, 3, process !

Do you have pic of the process of restoring/creating?
Then send 3 or 4  key pics that describes the process
We love that!

8 Tell a story

Use the comment box to tell the community something about the axe
this is not a museum but a fellowship, we love to talk about axes!

Thanks, I'm Fernando, an axe enthusiast like you!

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Take inspiration

 Process 1, 2, 3, Boom!

Clean background

same axe different views!

We love details!